North East Fife Member of Parliament, Sir Menzies Campbell has called today’s Budget from the Chancellor of the Exchequer “neither fair nor green”.

Commenting on its content, Sir Menzies said, “ This budget is neither fair nor green. It does not go nearly far enough with green taxes, which could be used to help low and middle income families in the form of tax cuts. The Government has produced a budget that protects the rich and abandons the poor. Many people in North East Fife who are already feeling the pinch are even worse off today.

“None of its green tax proposals, Aviation tax, road tax changes or plastic bag taxes will be implemented before 2009 at the earliest. This is hardly the urgent attention that the environment needs.

“This too is the budget when the Government gave up on its 2010 child poverty target. By it’s own calculations, it will only be putting an additional £1bn into combating child poverty, £2.5bn less than is needed to meet its target.”


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