Welcome to the first Ming Campbell podcast

David Walter interviews Ming CampbellWelcome to what is intended to be the first of many Ming Campbell podcasts. In the attached interview, former BBC and ITN political correspondent David Walter speaks to Ming Campbell about the last 7 days of the campaign.

Download and listen to the first Ming Campbell podcast (MP3, 707kB)

If you don’t know what a podcast is, don’t worry. Just select the link above, and if your computer has speakers or headphones, you should be able to listen to the interview. You can find out more about podcasting on the BBC Radio website.

If you do know what a podcast is, and would like to link to the feed in your podcast software, the address of the podcast feed itself is listed at the bottom of the page.

Read the transcript of the first podcast

3 Responses to “Welcome to the first Ming Campbell podcast”

  1. roadgoer Says:

    Thanks web team. Good to see the campaign getting into podcasting. My only criticism is that the questioning was slightly too obviously set up for Sir Ming to shine, and to slip in his sound bites.

    I wouldn’t expect a Humphrys-style grilling on a campaign podcast, but maybe the interviewer could at least pretend to be a liitle more probing! Better yet, let’s hear Sir Ming talking to us one-on-one, giving us an ummoderated insight into his policies and motivation. He would gain kudos for ‘casting like a true blogger, not a pol who needs an interviewer to bounce off. Go on, Sir Ming! It’s a unique opportunity to connect with the voters, and you don’t need me to tell you that’s more than half the battle in politics. Use this site to make yourself distinctive, and you might just catch a zeitgeist wave that could lead into more media coverage. The web is still being under-exploited by British politicians, especially Lib Dem leadership challengers. There is an online political vacuum, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be the first to fill it.

  2. David Walter Says:

    Thanks for your helpful critique. This was the first of a regular series of podcasts which we intend to continue when Ming becomes leader. I shall attempt to be a bit more Paxmanlike next time.

  3. roadgoer Says:

    Thanks for responding, David. I’m delighted to hear that Ming will continue with this even after becoming leader (assuming he does!). I’d love to see him lead the way in UK online politics. As third party the Lib Dems have the most to gain from this.

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