The Guardian: ‘Needed: a solid professional’

The Guardian has backed Ming Campbell’s campaign for leadership:

The acting leader is a deep-dyed liberal too, much more so than many people realise. But he combines it with a palpable good sense and judgment that is currently in short supply in the party. Sir Menzies is also articulate and gets most things right. He will not force the party sharply to either the right or the left. He is a more determined figure than his urbane appearance implies. As a result he is respected by all in the party, has few enemies and would not be a divisive choice. This will be an exceptionally demanding period for the Liberal Democrats. Nothing will be easy for the party. But the Lib Dems do not need a shot in the dark. They need a period of solid professionalism. That is why Sir Menzies Campbell is the best man to lead them out of their present confusions and into the searching challenges of the next election.

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