The Times: ‘the most committed to the modernisation of his party’

The Times has backed Ming Campbell’s campaign to lead the Liberal Democrats:

In their different ways, both Simon Hughes, emphasising his undoubted political passion, and Chris Huhne, placing the weight on his obvious novelty, are offering their party more of the same.

Intelligent Liberal Democrats will recognise that this is not enough. If their party is to be a credible and responsible potential partner in office, what it needs is not passion or novelty but change.

Perhaps paradoxically, it is the oldest contender in this competition who is the most committed to the modernisation of his party. It is thought that Sir Menzies will benefit from this by-election upset in his own backyard. If he does not, the longer-term prospects of his party as well as Labour might be no better than the deceased royalty of Scotland.

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