‘Lib Dems to be party of constitutional revolution’ says Campbell

In a statement made to day Ming Campbell said

I want to win power, so that we can give power away. I want us to be the champions, again, of people power.

I want to see Citizens able to initiate inquiries; ask questions direct of decision-takers and have petitions debated. In short, people power to replace unelected quango power so that government is servant and not master.

The statement was made in advance of a speech Ming Campbell will deliver tonight at the Liberal Democrat Leadership Hustings in Manchester. In the speech he will also call for

  • Proportional representation for each and every election.
  • A fully elected House of Lords.
  • A robust Freedom of Information Act.
  • A Civil Service that has its independence guaranteed.
  • Local government able to make decisions over the running of local schools, hospitals and transport.


A copy of the speech will posted in the Campbell campaign media centre at 1900 today.