Ming’s vision for the party (video)

Ming Campbell outlines his vision for the Liberal Democrats in the following video webcast:

Screen grab of Ming's webcast
If you are on a dial-up connection, you may prefer to listen to the audio version.

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4 Responses to Ming’s vision for the party (video)

  1. liberallad says:

    Good to see the pinstriped radical living up to his name – sartorially as well as politically.

  2. Paddy Beck says:

    The growing gap between rich and poor is perhaps the most worrying feature of the modern world including Britain. The 50% tax rate was popular with many of our supporters and would be supporters (including disillusioned Labour) why have we got rid of it and what are we really going to do about this obnoxious gap? It is not only a fairness thing but very much an environmental issue. The rich leave a much bigger ecological footprint than the poor – they consume significantly more than those on middle or low incomes. Saying we are environmentally concerned and not doing anything to reduce the obscene wealth gap is just plain hypocritical. Perhaps it is because we are continually looking to the US for our model – eg. our campaigning and marketing for God’s sake – do we really want to follow models which produce a 50% or less national vote? I’m not anti US – I have 2 Texan grandchildren – but I certainly don’t want anything to do with their present values or lifestyle.
    Paddy Beck

  3. Webteam says:

    The Liberal Democrats not seeking to copy the American way of life, but to learn from like-minded Americans, and like-minded people in other countries, about how to campaign more effectively.

    The Conservatives work very closely with the George Bush’s Republican Party. We would be foolish if we weren’t exchanging ideas with people in the US who have, for example, campaigned for the environment and against the Iraq war – areas where we have a lot in common.

    As for addressing the ecological footprint of the rich, the proposals Ming talked about are intended to do this by taxing exactly the activities that do most environmental damage. And while the Liberal Democrat tax commission is proposing to get rid of the 50% tax rate on income, the very wealthy will pay more, but on their wealth.

    You can find out more about Liberal Democrat green tax plans via a document called “The Green Switch” on the national party website.

    Download ‘The Green Switch’ (PDF, 125kB)

    The full details of our proposals will be published in July when the Tax Commission reports.

  4. terry brodsky eilat, Israel says:

    Mr. Campbell should read the biography of Neville Chamberlain before making criticisms of Tony Blair’s foreign policy. Or maybe a book on logical fallacies or cause & effect. The hostility of Muslims has nothing to do with British or American foreign policy. Islam is a totalitarian, hostile, & aggresive ideology. It fosters a paranoid world-view & seeks excuses & pretexts to justify this hostility. Mr. Blair has it right – it is a battle between good & evil. It’s intellecually dishonest to attempt to gain some political advantage in this manner.

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