“Guantanamo Bay remains an outrage”

Commenting on the suicide of three inmates at the US base at Guantanamo, Ming Campbell MP, said:

These deaths tragically underline the damage that Guantanamo Bay does to the reputation of the United States and its allies.

Those who are detained should either be given a fair trial or be released.

The Prime Minister describes Guantanamo Bay as ‘an anomaly’. The truth is that it is an outrage which violates all legal principles.

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1 Response to “Guantanamo Bay remains an outrage”

  1. Philomena Digings says:

    As a lifelong Liberal supporter, I am pleased to see Ming Campbell’s comments about the outrage known as Guantanamo.
    On October 5th 2006 Many American Universities and schools are having a ‘Teach in’ about Guantanamo to raise young people’s awareness of this horrific death camp.
    Maybe it would be good to see such a teach-in in this country.

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