Ruling strikes a body blow at Guantanamo Bay

Responding to the US Supreme Court’s ruling that President Bush cannot order military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees Liberal Democrat Leader, Ming Campbell MP said:

This strikes a body blow at the Guantanamo regime.

If detainees cannot be given a fair trial they should be released.

The Supreme Court ruling confirms that Camp X-Ray violates all known legal principles.

President Bush has no option but to close it down.

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1 Response to Ruling strikes a body blow at Guantanamo Bay

  1. bob says:

    Guantanemo Bay is the sign of a superpower in action. The ability to create laws, is always with the power, and too they can abandon those rules.
    I think that it is ineffective, because those released have had a large portion of their lives taken away.
    Finally, why does it take so long to investigate.
    Lastly, it is illegal. They are NOT ENEMY COMBATANTS.
    Either they are criminals (AL QAEDA suspects)
    or an Army (TALIBAN).

    But when did the US or the UK care about international law. Both the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq were, worng, Illegal, unjustified, immoral.
    There is little contention on the legality of imnvasions in Afgahnistan or Iraq.

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