Ask Ming – podcast question hotline: 07747 867259

We’re collecting questions from the public for Ming to answer on one of his podcasts.

Ask Ming - 07747 867259 - your questions answered

All questions are welcome, although we can’t at this point guarantee to answer all of them due to limitations of time.

If we can’t answer your question in the first podcast, we’ll try to answer it in a subsequent podcast.

If you have a question for Ming, just call 07747 867259 at any time. Your question will be recorded and, if selected, played in the podcast.

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5 Responses to Ask Ming – podcast question hotline: 07747 867259

  1. liberallad says:

    If “all questions are welcome” in an unselective and un-spun way, then I congratulate you on this innovative and refreshingly open medium – especially so when juxtaposed with the policy of dealing with questions and interjections adopted by the Walter Wolfgang-ejecting People’s Party.

    Moreover, may I urge the Lib Dems display enough confidence in their policies and politicians to continue to include “off-message” questions and not just the mix of sycophantic and at best trivially unobtrusive – sometimes even apolitical – filtered offerings we’ve come to expect from occasions when mainstream parties organise “questions and answers sessions”? I genuinely believe this would show the party to its full strength – unashamed of its positions and clear on the inferences that’ve led to each policy.

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  3. Webteam says:


    Last time every question on the hotline was put to Ming. It will be slightly dependent on how many questions we get this time.


  4. liberallad says:

    Then I congratulate you on this innovative and refreshingly open medium!

  5. PhilJ says:

    Wanted some place to say Congratulations to Ming on the way he dealt with the arms to Israel issue.

    More like that please.

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