Ming’s daily conference vidcast – September 18th, 2006

Ming Campbell reflects on the first day of conference and the ‘Green Tax Switch’ rally, and the day ahead, especially the plans for increasing the number of BME, women and disabled candidates:

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2 Responses to Ming’s daily conference vidcast – September 18th, 2006

  1. liberallad says:

    What happened to that wonderful quip about an open mind being more important than an open-necked shirt?

    I agree with Jonathan Calder writing in The Guardian: his party should let Ming be Ming – yes, that means salmon ties and pinstripes, but if you don’t have faith in the British electorate’s ability to differentiate superficial spin from political policy then you’re in the wrong job and, I’d like to think, the wrong party.

    Moreover, party members were fully aware of Sir Ming’s style and when they voted him in. Why insult them so regularly now?

  2. Drew McMutrie says:

    Just a comment re new tax policy. I say this as someone who has not voted anything but Liberal or flavour thereof since 1979 when I had a moment of madness and voted Tory…
    Don’t change tax policy and jump on the climate change bandwagon. It is not the answer to tax more heavily on road fuels and ordinary cars (but it is easy). Even if Britain attained its 20% cut would this make any difference in the scheme of things? ABSOLUTELY NOT! As long as others pump out their stuff (USA, China) our sacrifice makes no difference – the clue is in GLOBAL warming. As usual for a bunch of smug politicians and wannabes your solution to a problem is another problem (for ordinary people who can’t vote themselves pay hikes to cater for high tax on essential things). More imaginative would be to propose real solutions i.e. bring on new technology for power stations (nuclear fusion, under way now but slowly) and better car engines (not electric battery, still too unfriendly – hydrogen power is what is needed). If there was a concerted government push on these it would be more popular but very much more effective for the planet. Unlikely howeve as no politician – or their sycophants – will think outside their box. Leaves me even less o choose from at the next election then.

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