Climate Change Starts at Home campaign

Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell has launched the Climate Change Starts at Home campaign, cementing the party’s position as the greenest of the three major parties.

Visiting a house built in the 1870 which is undergoing improvements to make it more energy efficient, Menzies Campbell unveiled bold proposals that demonstrated how upgrading Britain’s homes could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tonnes, save energy, and lead to significant cuts in energy bills. Introducing the measures outlined in the policy paper could save more carbon than is produced every year by all the cars on Britain’s roads.

Read more on the Liberal Democrat website.

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  2. Michaela Chamberlain, London says:

    I have been making efforts to contact the Libdems with relevance to their climate change policy but no-one seems to be replying, so I was wondering if anyone on here could help me.

    Where do the Libdems get their information from? And what do they think about controversy surrounding the legitimacy of the claim that humans affect climate change? I am cautious about giving my support to a party which focuses its policy on climate change unless I know that they’re well-informed.

    I hope someone can help! Thanks.

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