Iraq: What do we know?

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell asked the Prime Minister who would take responsbility for errors in planning for the aftermath of the Iraq War. Responsibility for the illegal war itself, however, lies with those who instigated and supported it. As Ming said at PMQs: “The President made the decisions, the Prime Minister argued the case, the Chancellor signed the cheques and the Tories voted it through.”

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5 Responses to Iraq: What do we know?

  1. Mark Stocks says:

    It’s was an interesting set of questions. Although the answers did not carry much weight. The Priime Ministers response was bizarre, stating that if your party had got their way “Saddam and his sons” would still be in power.

    Bear in mind this is the Prime Minister who toid Parliament, That if Saddam and his sons, gave up their weapons of mass destruction, they colud remain in power. Perhaps it is time to ask the prime minister, what happened between him making this statement in to the house of commons and the war starting, that made him decide Saddam had to go. While we were told at the time Saddam was breaking UN resolutions, we know he had no WMD or WMD program, so technically he was not breaking UN sanctions.

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  3. Mike says:

    I’m afraid I have to agree with ‘Liberal Democrat Voice’. The attack re Iraq has been lame, particularly vis a vis the oily Mandelson on Question Time ;ast week when Ming launched in with a weak point about the Black Watch being in his constituency. This horror story is not about our soldiers. It is about a man-made humanitarian disaster. Queensbury rules and varsity debating niceties should have been binned long, long ago. Where is the killer punch indeed? These neolabourites are effete and soulless monsters. For Christ’s sake say that.

  4. Mike says:

    And another thing. Ming keeps trotting out the grossly underestimated casualty figures of Iraq Body Count (figures eagerly latched onto by Blair and Bush because they know they are helpfully low). The link below gives a snapshot of the last 10 months (2440 unidentified bodies alone). This is grim but necessary reading. It further gives the lie to Iraq Body Count and other agencies who are, willingly or not, underestimating the carnage in Iraq. And these figures are just those which have come to the attention of the Karbala authorities.

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