“Vulnerable should not pay for mistakes of powerful”

Raising the issue of chaos in the tax credit system, Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell asked the Prime Minister today why the Government had failed to implement the recommendations put forward by the parliamentary ombudsman in June 2005 and why, in the meantime, it has been chasing thousands of poor families through the court system.

He asked:

“Two years ago the ombudsman published a report on the tax credit scheme. Why haven’t the recommendations of that report been fully implemented?”

Liberal Democrat research shows that in the last year 38,000 of the poorest families were pursued through the courts by the Treasury.

Menzies Campbell said:

“Why is it some of the poorest families in this country are being pursued through the courts for money they simply don’t have – 38,000 alone last year.

“Why should the most vulnerable pay for the mistakes of the most powerful?”

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One Response to “Vulnerable should not pay for mistakes of powerful”

  1. I feel tht you are totally right to highlight the divide which has grown between rich and poor under the present government. It has been a complete shambles of an administration and I would much rather see this country led by honest politics, e.g.(and indeed i.e. under the present system) the Liberal Democrats. Thank you that there is still one party we can trust Ming.

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