Labour disregarding concerns over nuclear power

At Prime Minister’s questions today, Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell attacked Tony Blair for disregarding concerns about risk, cost and toxic waste in relation to nuclear power.

He said that the Government should instead invest in wave, wind and tidal power and clean coal technology, which would give Britain a secure non-nuclear future.

He asked:

“Can the Prime Minister explain why in his manifestos of 1997, 2001 and 2005 he did not seek a mandate for a renewed generation of nuclear power stations. Why is he so hell-bent on nuclear power now?

“Why is it that the Prime Minister is so committed to the idea of nuclear power in a way which suggests he disregards the issue of risk and cost and toxic waste. Where is the investment in wave, wind and tidal power and clean coal technology that would give us a secure non-nuclear future?”

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1 Response to Labour disregarding concerns over nuclear power

  1. Gary Jones - Lib Dem Member says:

    Here Here!

    With countries such as Canada showing that “friendly” fuel is not just a pipe dream, I too was alarmed at the news reports regarding the pro nuclear stance.

    Whilst nuclear is indeed a “clean” option as far as CO2 is concerned, the matter of what to do with nuclear waste – how to protect nuclear sites against attack – and the cost , are a different matter.

    What really worries me here, is that “Eco” has become the new marketing tool, for business and government alike and that this fad will quickly dissapear. For example – the question in addition to your excellent stand , that I would like answered is

    1. Why is it that England is so poor at recycling facilities, when there is so much money to be made? (E.G Milk Carton, Plastics etc etc – are all unavailable recycling options in most of mainland UK) – Again, Canada shows how profitable re-manufacting can be , and it also gives a good boost of jobs to the labour market (something sorely missing from our society).
    I’ve heard Labour state that it is not viable to transport recycling goods hundreds of miles to recycling plants – yet in most UK cities, there are a glut of manual laborers with no hope of work who would gladly work in a nearby newly built re-processing centre.

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