Goldsmith must answer questions

Ming Campbell has called on the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, to answer the allegations made by The Guardian about payments to a Saudi Arabian prince being covered up:

If it is true that information about payments made to Prince Bandar was not given to the OECD, then that is an allegation of the utmost seriousness. It would be unsupportable for Britain to sign up to an international agreement on bribery and then fail to honour its obligations when an investigation comes too close to home.

You can sign the petition for a full inquiry into why the original criminal investigation into bribery and the Al Yamamah arms deal was dropped at

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One Response to Goldsmith must answer questions

  1. Sandra Johnson says:

    Dear Ming
    Thank you for explaining why you turned down the Northern Ireland offer for Paddy Ashdown. I was very disappointed with your response. I think Paddy Ashdown is one of the few pelple who could make a difference, with his unique background and experience, and these circumstances are totally different to the suggestion from Cameron about candidates for London Mayor.
    Also, since you mentioned it, I, and thousands of other people, would like to see identity cards, and really effective ones too. I happen to know that the prison population are very well aware that getting into and out of this country is ridiculously easy, forged passports easily obtained, and chances of being deported slim. Unlike Australia and America, we allow convicted criminals into the country. If all the illegal immigrants serving sentences for crimes committed here were deported, and effective steps taken to ensure that they did not return, we would not have a problem with overcrowded jails.
    Maybe you should get out more, and see what the members of the party really feel about these issues.

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