Our best weekend of canvassing for over a decade

Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell has emailed party members congratulating them on a record-breaking weekend of campaigning:

This week’s campaigning in Ealing – which included three visits from myself to back Nigel Bakhai – ended with a record burst of campaigning.

Ming Campbell with activists in Ealing Southall (photo: Andy Mayer)Chris Rennard tells me that over the weekend we have canvassed more people than in any other by-election weekend for over a decade. We achieved that even with many people also helping Greg Stone’s excellent campaign in Sedgefield too.

That is a fantastic response from members and supporters – thank you.

With the first postal votes going out on Monday, any extra time you can spare in the next few days to help Nigel or Greg will be hugely appreciated. They are both fighting effective campaigns on the issues which really matter to residents, such as the state of our health services, protecting the environment and the future of British troops in Iraq.

With your help they can win. Details of their campaign HQs are at ealinglibdems.org.uk and sedgefieldlibdems.org.uk

I hope to see you in Ealing or Sedgefield.

Best wishes

Ming Campbell

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