Campbell backs Bakhai to the finish in Ealing Southall

Simon Hughes and Nigel BakhaiLeader of the Liberal Democrats, Menzies Campbell, Party President, Simon Hughes, and Nigel Bakhai spent a full day campaigning in the Ealing Southall by-election on Saturday.

Together they met with leading members of Ealing Southall’s Hindu and Sikh community and renewed the call for people to elect local campaigner Nigel Bakhai as an MP for the whole community.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Menzies Campbell, said:

“The Conservatives have admitted they can’t win. Nigel offers the only alternative to years more neglect under Labour.

“Labour has had ten years to act. They have failed.”

Commenting on the disclosure that Tony Lit donated £4,800 to the Labour Party on the 15th June 2007, and attended a fundraiser with Tony Blair on the 20th June 2007, Simon Hughes, Party President said:

“It is astonishing that Nigel Bakhai is the only one of the main candidates not to have donated money to the Labour party.

“Nigel’s campaign is rapidly gather momentum, and with proof that Tony Lit donated to the Labour party coming after their admission the party cannot win, the Tories are in free fall.”

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  1. ssarmca says:

    Exclusive. (Code 17477)

    By a Former Special Forces Officer.
    Our Troops Murdered by our Government. Politicians Face Indictment.

    Conservatives do not care if elderly veterans in their 80s and 90s are evicted from their homes every six-months. They would rather support rich Rackman style landlords and maintain the 1988 Housing Act Short-hols self-assured tenancy agreements Section 20 and 21 giving landlords Buying-to-Let absolute power to evict on demand. Millions of veterans now live in poverty, 1,000 are evicted every month to make way for migrant workers from the European Union and housing stock will never keep up with the influx.

    The Killing Fields of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    For three years the Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Royal Marine Commando Association advised government at the highest level the snatch Land Rovers and open machinegun mounted Land Rovers {WMIKs} must be withdrawn and replaced by light weight Ferret style armoured cars. The British government wedded to winning thoughts and minds for political reasons, rather than ensuring the troops in theatre are correctly protected in what is a war zone and not a peacekeeping role ignored that advice. Over 90% of deaths could have been avoided if these Land Rovers were used in the rear echelon and not the frontline. The rear echelon in these wars is mainland UK. This type of war puts both Iraq and Afghanistan in the frontline. SSARMCA also campaigned hard for the Mastiff, Cougar and Vector medium armoured patrol vehicles. Some have arrived in the theatre of war but not the full compliment.

    ‘Lack of vehicles’ in Afghanistan’
    A serious shortage of suitable patrol vehicles is hampering operations in Afghanistan, British commanders have told SSARMCA. Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Mayo, spokesperson in Helmand province, said a lack of heavily armoured Land Rovers was a particular problem. Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Mayo said only 126 of the 170 needed were in working order. He claims Armoured Land Rovers – or WMIKs (weapons-mounted installation kits) – are used to protect soldiers while out on patrol or operations. These vehicles offer no protection at all. Our troops are picked off like ducks at a fair ground shooting gallery.
    Dead & Wounded.
    Only light armour in door panels and foot wells. Not bullet proof glass Open Day on Troops. WMIKs FWD – High Speed All Terrain Armoured Vehicle Ideal replacement for Snatch Land Rovers – or WMIKs

    Mastiff and Vector. Despite promises these are still in short supply Viking All Terrain Vehicle
    Royal Marines. Not a suitable replacement for Armoured Land Rovers – or WMIKs

    I can expose that as a lie Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Mayo is forced to convey to the Press and others by politicians and senior officers sitting in Whitehall. These vehicles are little more than open platforms with mounted belt-fed machine guns. They allow Taleban fighters to pick off our boys like ducks at a shooting gallery. They make a perfect target for Taleban fighters equipped with far superior long range 7.62 AK47s. This gun out ranges and has far more hitting power than the 5.62 SA80s used by British troops. The latter is more suitable for street or jungle fighting than long distance operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The WMIKs, snatch Land Rovers and SA80s are responsible for more deaths of our troops than any other reason in a wanton act by the MoD that is little better than murder.

    The Ministry of Defence insisted troops were properly equipped to do their job. I can expose that as another lie. These second rate rifles are prone to jamming in dusty conditions. In desperation, families have taken to sending tins of WD40 oil. The vehicles, a relic of desert warfare in the WW2, are more suitable for the museum than modern warfare. Our boys are taking ‘A hammering’ and more will die unnecessarily.

    The complaints initially came just a day after UK forces took control of Afghanistan’s southern provinces as part of the NATO mission there, yet still nothing has been done. British soldiers and Royal Marine Commandos are involved in Operation Silicon to drive Taleban fighters out of opium-producing areas. They should be equipped with long-range rifles and armoured cars and not sacrificed to win hearts and minds for reasons of political correctness of champagne swigging politicians back home.

    I am reliably informed an average of one of these vehicles a week is being lost and replacements sent from the UK often arrived late. Lt Col Charlie Mayo said the WMIKs were taking “a hell of a hammering” in the hot and dusty conditions and said the situation was “tight, but not critical yet”. A fifth of the fleet is damaged or has been destroyed by enemy fire, he added, but more would be arriving soon. What Charlie failed to say is the so-called armoured Land Rovers is all smoke and mirrors to pacify the British public and

    Another vehicle, a Pinzgauer troop mover, fitted with extra armour to try to cover the shortfall. However, there is a limit to the number of men and the amount of equipment they can carry. The strain was increased because extra troops had recently been deployed without extra vehicles.

    A spokesperson for the MoD denied there was a shortage and said huge investments had been made in equipment for the Army.
    “The success of our forces against the Taleban shows that they are not only among the best in the world, but also among the best equipped.”
    As a former member of Special Forces, I can expose that as another MoD lie.

    Veterans Campaign.
    SSARMC three-year campaign for the demise of the dreadful not-fit-for purpose Veterans Agency is successful. The battle is won. A victory for their commando style hit-and-run tactics. A letter from the VA replacement Secretariat, Mrs Sarah Banks confirms the VA is terminated. . It will be a warning shot across the bows of this new implement of torture. I shall insist they reduce to a minimum the obstacles, hurdles and legal impediments placed before decorated war hero veterans seeking war pensions or like the terminator ‘we will be back’. We will name and shame them on the www until this organisation is also terminated.

    The Impossible Fight for Secure Homes in 21st Century Britain for our Veterans.
    Today, in 21st century Britain the 1988 Housing Act giving greedy landlords the right to evict elderly veterans every six months from their homes. They use the courts, bailiffs and British police officers. A Rent Service, also not-fit-for purpose, compounds this. It leaves one million of our decorated war veteran heroes living in absolute poverty on less than £4,000 a year. {Figures by the Royal British Legion}. Since 1997, when Labour came to power promising to repeal this appalling act, it has left 58,000 veterans of all ages homeless. The UK has 1,000 veterans every month facing eviction. There are over 1,000 veterans sleeping rough on the streets of our capital city London – England. (Figures by Centre Point). Over 6,000 are prematurely dead from the stress of an enforced eviction. Labour reneged on their promise. We Will Remember Them. (At the next election)

    Many landlords in the business of buy-to-Let have upwards of 170 homes to Let. This not only influences house prices. It deprives our young people getting on the housing ladder. Most landlords of these buy-to-Let properties realise there is far more money made Letting to European workers than our poorest veterans. In most areas, seven migrant workers at £70 a week each, {£2123 a month} are far more lucrative than the pittance of £330 a month allowed by the Rent Service in housing benefit. Housing benefit is from a central government grant and not local taxation as most think. Our veterans hate seeking this means tested income. It is demeaning, degrading. A potion can be at the discretion of a local policy and appeals council official leaving a shortfall between the rent and housing benefit.

    With 1.5 million on council house waiting lists, the least our veterans of all ages deserve is security in their homes. They should not face eviction every six months for no reason and no defence in law. Failed suicide bombers are supplied with lawyers paid for by the State. We do not believe individuals will stop investing in the lucrative housing market buy-to-Let if the short-hold self-assured tenancy agreement is outlawed except for holiday homes only.
    They have tax relief, accreditations to their private pension rights and a rising asset. We think that is adequate reward without the absolute power to evict on a whim.

    I suggest that on May 9th 2009, (Election Day) our members turn out to vote tactically for the MPs supporting change to an Act giving landlords who live in one house but can afford to buy-to-Let other properties. The absolute power to evict the sick, the poor and the dispossessed onto the streets of this country with no defence in Law must be repealed.
    It is non-negotiable. Every HM Forces member laying their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan will by default become a veteran soon. The only tenancy offered by landlords provides a maximum six months security of tenancy. With current house prices, most veterans will be forced to rent. That is if there are any properties left to rent after the millions of workers pouring into the country from mainland Europe. Building new houses will never keep up with the influx of these foreigners. More will come as the European Union enlarges. We have a catastrophic disaster now. Ask any 90-year-old veteran just evicted from their home by the bailiffs and the cops.

    Our application accepted in October 2006 as NGO members of the Coalition of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, we may seek to indict the previous prime minister, the current and past defence secretaries for crimes against humanity, in that they knew or should have known by deploying our troops in inadequate vehicles and weapons not-fit-for purpose, they caused serious injury and/or death contrary to section 1, article 2 of the Convention on Human Rights Act. Our new Scottish prime minister has 100 days honeymoon. We remind Gordon Brown MP, our members also live in his constituency.

    We will remind those ministers supporting the 1988 Housing Act allowing the eviction of elderly veterans from their homes with nowhere to go and no money to get there, knew or should have known it was inhuman treatment causing very serious and cruel intensive physical or mental suffering arousing in the victim feelings of fear, anguish and inferiority capable of humiliation and debasement and possibly breaking physical or moral resistance contrary to section 1, article 3 of the Convention on Human Rights Act.

    The Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Royal Marine Commando Association’s strength comes from our refusal to register as a charity and/or accept any of the £79-million annually paid to charities. Funding from the government’s Legal Services Commission Legal Aid Fund. It is disguised as contracts to 408 not-for-profit charities. {The £79-million Legal Aid is our money) Most of these so-called charities are commercial operations. They sell everything from insurance to funerals before you are dead. They are rarely open. They only operate as drop in centres.

    Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Royal Marine Commando Association.

    NGO Coalition of the International Criminal Court Member.
    PO Box 155 – England – NR31 8GY.

    Exclusive. Please contact if you want this as an exclusive.
    We seek no remuneration for this story.
    Any donation should be in the form of a cheque to
    F. R Security (Treasurer’s Account) PO Box 155 – England – NR30 1AA.

    Stationary items and ink cartridges donations are welcome.

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