Lib Dems slash Labour majorities in disaster for Cameron’s Conservatives

Commenting on the by-election results in Ealing Southall and Sedgefield, Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell said:

“This is a great pair of results for the Liberal Democrats. We have increased our share of the vote and significantly reduced Labour’s majorities.

“It is a blow for Brown and a disaster for David Cameron.

“The Conservative Party put everything into Ealing Southall seat and got nothing out of it. Not only are they totally marginalized in the north of England, they are going nowhere in the south.

“The Government must heed the warning that their traditional supporters are sending – disastrous decisions on Iraq and rewarding the richest in society are being rejected by hard-working and fair-minded families.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party gaining momentum while both Labour and the Conservatives are losing ground fast.

“The results have proved once again that the real opposition to the Government comes from the Liberal Democrats. Three-party politics is here to stay.”

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