Guardian: “Lib Dems are right on Iraq”

Writing in today’s Guardian, Polly Toynbee, who discussed the issue of Iraq with Ming Campbell yesterday, declares the Liberal Democrats “right, right and right again about the Iraq war”.

The Liberal Democrat leader, Menzies Campbell, wrote to Gordon Brown yesterday: “The current level of British casualties is unacceptable. What is being achieved by the continuing British presence? Our troops are severely restricted in what they can do and they are subject to unreasonable risks. There is now a clear recognition that the objectives of their mission cannot be achieved … Is it the case that our continuing presence in Iraq is now only to show solidarity with the United States? Were it so, could it be justified against the level of our casualties? It is time to set a framework for the complete withdrawal of all our forces.”

Yet again, the Lib Dems are right on every point. When I talked to Campbell yesterday, he said he had spoken to top-ranking officers who want out of Iraq while there is still just a chance of saving the situation in Afghanistan. So, he asks Brown, are young men dying only to spare President Bush embarrassment? Soldiers have done everything humanly possible to keep the peace in Basra, but are now driven back into two small and dangerous strongholds from which they can do little: 90% of attacks in the city are now directed against them. Brave men are well-trained to take risks and to see their friends die around them. But Campbell says pleasing the White House is no legitimate war objective. Few disagree, on any side of the house.

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  1. miquo says:

    I liked the title until I saw the name “Polly Toynbee”. If I was you, I would keep quiet about her praising you.

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