Ming’s Community Canvass Week

Liberal Democrat leader Ming Campbell has launched a major campaign initiative this week, emailing all the party’s members about plans for a mass “community canvass” across the UK in the week after the party’s autumn conference:

I am a great believer in meeting people. Talking to them face-to-face. Having real discussions with real people about the issues that matter to them. Persuading them to back us.

We can’t let politics just be a Punch and Judy exchange of 15 second soundbites on the TV. We can’t let political decisions be about someone sitting in a distant office in Whitehall deciding what’s best for everyone.

That is why I am launching our first ever “Community Canvass Week”, for 22nd-30th September. Thousands of Liberal Democrats across the UK will be out calling on people, conducting surveys, hearing what people think on issues and recruiting new members and deliverers.

Our Community Canvass Week material will include ideas for carrying out door-to-door surveys, as well as more traditional canvassing or going out to recruit more members and deliverers.

I hope you will be able to join me and thousands of other Liberal Democrats around the country in taking part in this Community Canvass Week in your area.

Bringing a human face to politcs and building a larger team of supporters and helpers is vital – both for the long term health of our own party and also for the health of our democracy.

If Gordon Brown does call an October general election, a successful Community Canvass Week will give our general election campaign a flying start. If he holds on until the Spring, or perhaps even latter, then this week will set up our candidates and campaigners with more data and more helpers so we are even better prepared when the election comes.

All our local parties are being sent material and information about this week. You can also see the events that have been publicised already – and add your own – on Flock Together.

Hundreds of events are already being organised across the country. I will be out on the doorsteps during that week. I hope you can be too.

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