Stop dithering, Mr Brown

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ming Campbell today called on Gordon Brown to end the damaging speculation over when he will call a general election.

He said:

“It’s time to stop dithering, Mr Brown, and call an election now.

“The continuous speculation is bad for the economy, bad for the political process and bad for public confidence in the Government.

“This unnecessary and destabilising guessing game is the most powerful argument yet for fixed-term four year Parliaments, an idea which the Labour party enthusiastically backed in 1992.

“The Liberal Democrats are ready and waiting for a general election as soon as possible so that the British people can have their say on a Brown government.

“We welcome the chance to put our own radical and progressive policies to the electorate.”

At their party conference last week, the Liberal Democrats backed calls for fixed-term Parliaments as part of wide-ranging reform of the way Britain is governed.

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1 Response to Stop dithering, Mr Brown

  1. CommonSense says:

    I agree, let us have an election before the clocks go back.

    Mr Brown is not the prime-minister I thought he would be – I think he is going to be better than I expected. I liked Hazel Blears speach today. So many Liberal ideas it would be good if she turned them into reality – especially power to local communities!

    It is now time to hit the Tories while they are still clueless about how to make this country fit for the 21st century. The LibDems may not form the government if there is an elction next month, but at least the people of this country can show how much they prefer Liberal ideas. Even if Labour keep stealing LibDem ideas at least the country will become fairer with greater opportunites for all from the youngster embarking on their first job to the captains of industry. I still do not know if David Cameron’s Tories are for state-control or free enterprise, better or worse public services or for environmental rape or protection of the environment.

    Let us not have months of tedious media speculation about an election. It only diverts ordinary people from the important issues. Let us have an election now and then get on with the job of improving this country.

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