All troops should be brought home from Iraq within six months

Responding to reports, accompanying Gordon Brown’s visit to Iraq today, that 2,000 troops could be brought home by the spring, Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell said:

“While we welcome any reduction in the number of British troops in Iraq, there is now an urgent need to get all the 5,000 remaining troops home.

“The overriding question is whether there is any military or political benefit to be gained from the continued presence of our armed forces in Iraq. The answer is clearly no.

“The Government should draw up a timetable to get all our soldiers safely home within six months.”

Sign Ming’s petition to pull British troops out of Iraq here.

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2 Responses to All troops should be brought home from Iraq within six months

  1. Rebekah says:

    I believe it is time for our troops to be brought home now. There is no useful purpose for them to remain, thus endangering them further. The Iraqis have made it quite plain that they do not want our troops there, otherwise, why are they still being attacked?

    Although it must be conceded that the removal of Saddam Hussein was necessary, that job could have been done quietly with a small, specially-trained task force. My son was in the the RAF during the first Gulf War – anyone with any intelligence could see then that there would somehow be a ‘follow-up’ if the US had anything to do with it!

    This war in Iraq was an illegal war in the first place, the invasion of Iraq did not fulfil the criteria of what is a Just War in anyone’s language or creed. Please let us cut loose from the empty rhetoric of the US administration – I hope that, now, our Government can see the folly of such a mistaken alliance.

    Let us get all our 5,000 Service Personnel home by Christmas so they may be reunited with their families!

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