Bid to stop election-fixing with fixed-term Parliaments

The Liberal Democrats are to table proposals in Parliament for a fixed four-year general election cycle.

Ming Campbell told the BBC:

“It’s high time, in my view, that the decision about a general election is not part of the discretion of the Prime Minister.

“Inevitably in those circumstances the Prime Minister’s attitude will be conditioned by what he thinks is best for him and best for his party.

“We should have it done on a fixed full-term basis then everyone knows where they stand, the public has a degree of certainty and a degree of confidence in the process, which the events of the last week have shown is sadly lacking.”

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5 Responses to Bid to stop election-fixing with fixed-term Parliaments

  1. Neale says:

    It’s about time we had this, and, I’d like to see two issues tackled.

    At the last election, we were told that Mr Blair (remember him) would stay for the full term. He didn’t.

    We’re now left with the challenge of giving Mr Brown a mandate or waiting until the end of what would have been a fixed term. I believe that he should have set an election date when he took over from Blair.

    However, had we had a fixed term, it would have been much more interesting. He would not have been able to mess us around.

    I would challenge Mr Brown to say when he *IS* going to get a mandate. He should fix a date and stick to it.

  2. Nick Hance MBE says:

    Dear Mr Campbell,

    I’m not sorry that Brown has decided against going to the Polls as it gives our Party time to change its policy on nuclear power. Having worked at Harwell for 47 years, I’m very sorry that the party I have been a life-long member of (I supported Jo Grimond!) is still echoing the views of the Loony Green Fringe when its former leaders – Bishop Montifiore, James Lovelock etc have recanted and are now pro-nuclear power as a means of combating Global Warming.

    I approve of fixed term parliaments.


    Nick Hance MBE

  3. Fixed term elections, mandatory requirement for everyone to vote in elections, local income tax, goverment funding for all major parties, referendums on major issues such as new EU treaty, abolishment of Royalty involvement in politics, public to vote for all members of House of Lords and of course proportional representation should all be required in a modern, democratic, fair nation.

  4. Silver Voter says:

    Fixed-term parliaments should be the norm not the exceptionAND with proportional representation by Single Transferable Vote. . We have them in Scotland – the Scottish Parliament term is four years – Westminster should ‘play the game’ and play fair! No PM should be allowed to manipulate election dates to suit his/herself or the party for which they stand. furthermore, if a party leader is elected as PM for the full term of Parliament, he should stay the course – after all, he/she is elected on their own agenda and party manifesto. ‘Jumping ship’ should not be allowed. I agree with Neale about a mandate – the UK has not granted Gordon Brown a mandate – that was given to Tony Blair. The Labour Party needs to get its own house in order before it starts to dictate what other parties should be doing.

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