North East Fife’s MP and MSP have branded the consultation by the UK Department of Transport on modernising the Coastguard as a “proposed reorganisation too far”.

Sir Menzies Campbell MP and Iain Smith MSP have highlighted the importance of Fife Ness Coastguard Station by Crail, in their constituency, which could be under threat are urging people to make their views known.

In a joint statement they said:

“This is a proposed reorganisation too far. Fife Ness performs a vital function in relation to safety, of fishing vessels operating out of Pittenweem and other harbours, of the remarkable increase in leisure sailing in the Forth, much of which is centred on Anstruther, of the general monitoring of all river traffic on the Forth and would be essential if any ship to ship oil transfers were ever to take place. Local knowledge in supporting the excellent Lifeboat from Anstruther would also be lost.

“We shall be making detailed representations during the 14 week consultation period and encourage Fife Council, the Fisherman’s Mutual Association of Pittenweem, the RNLI, recreational sailors and everyone else with an interest in maritime safety to do the same.”

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