As the campaign to save RAF Leuchars nears its conclusion, Sir Menzies Campbell MP is “reassured” that the case for the retention of the base in his North East Fife constituency is being well considered by those at the heart of government.

David Cameron has written to Sir Menzies acknowledging the “succinct summary of a case for RAF Leuchars” made by the North East Fife MP recently to the Prime minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Defence Secretary and Scottish Secretary.

In his letter, the Prime Minster said that, “it is not difficult to appreciate why the future of the base is a matter of real concern to you and your constituents. The association between Fife and RAF Leuchars is a longstanding one, and the people of Fife have supported the service people and their families based there over the course of many years. I know this support continues to be appreciated by all who are based there now.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the basing review is a complex piece of work and that is will conclude as swiftly as possible.

Mr Cameron added, “I hope that this response is helpful and reassures you that the points you have made are being taken into account. I am impressed by the remarkable level of support and affection felt by the local community towards the RAF in Fife, and I am grateful to you and those in the community for your constructive engagement with the Ministry of Defence, the Scotland Office and HM Treasury.”

Commenting on the letter, Sir Menzies said:

“The Prime Minister’s response to my letter setting out the defence case for RAF Leuchars is reassuring in that he clearly understands the points raised and also appreciates the level of concern surrounding the future of the base.

“The defence case for the base’s retention is overwhelming and I have yet to hear any argument to the contrary. RAF Leuchars has executed its Quick Reaction Alert responsibilities in an exemplary manner and is uniquely located to deter and defend against terrorist threats to “Tier One” risk installations. Nearly £50 million has been spent on upgrading it to a first class Eurofighter Typhoon operating base and it contributes more than £60 million a year into the local economy.

“Its loss would be detrimental to the defence of the UK and to the many communities with which it is interwoven. This is the message I have taken right to the heart of government on many occasions. Leuchars must be retained.”

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