Why Should Scots Believe SNP Armchair Generals on Defence?

North East Fife MP Sir Menzies Campbell has branded SNP Ministers as armchair generals after the former deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe described the defence proposals contained in the independence White Paper as amateurish and dangerous.
Sir Menzies was speaking after General Sir Richard Shirreff slammed the SNP’s defence plans in a statement.
Commenting, Sir Menzies Campbell said:
“Why should we believe the armchair generals of the SNP on defence when those who have actually seen action are branding their White Paper proposals amateurish and dangerous?
“One of the fundamental responsibilities of the state is to ensure the security of its citizens. This intervention from a highly respected former senior NATO commander would suggest that press releases rather than strategic priorities were foremost in the minds of the SNP when their defence policy was being drawn up.”
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