Liberal Democrat senior member of the UK Parliamentary Intelligence Committee, Sir Menzies Campbell MP, has said that comments from the former head of the MI6 Sir John Scarlett show that Scotland is safer as part of the UK family of nations.
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Sir Menzies Campbell said:
“In the debate about Scotland’s future there has barely been a moment’s discussion about how best to protect Scotland’s security in the event of independence despite the responsibility to protect being arguably the most important role a Government can hold.
“As part of the UK, Scotland is fully integrated into the strategic and operational protection provided by Britain’s extensive intelligence infrastructure, one which focuses not only on the safety of its citizens but on organised crime and cyber threats to businesses and institutions.
“Every year the United Kingdom spends £2 billion on its three intelligence services. When challenged about the financial provision a Scottish Government might make for intelligence services the SNP says that it would spend £200 million a year. As John Scarlett makes clear, this figure takes no account of the capital investment required to provide the infrastructure necessary to establish three equivalent capabilities, the start-up costs necessary for recruitment, or ongoing costs for training and secure accommodation.
“Terrorists will always choose the softest and most unsuspecting targets. No country is exempt from terrorist attacks, whatever their foreign policy. There can be no doubt that what we have at the moment through the United Kingdom is materially better than anything an independent Scotland is likely to provide for a very long time, if ever.”
An expanded article on this subject can be found here:
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