Results of Blair and Bush talks are profoundly disappointing

Responding to the joint press conference held by the Prime Minister and President Bush, Liberal Democrat Leader, Ming Campbell MP said:

This press conference was profoundly disappointing.

It seems as if the Prime Minister is impervious to the views of the majority in this country and of the wider world.

Every day of grace afforded to Israel and Hezbollah will result in more casualties and more destruction.

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4 Responses to Results of Blair and Bush talks are profoundly disappointing

  1. Mike Potashnick says:

    The British government has been very patient in its approach towards the Israel/Hizbollah clashes in Lebanon. It is vital that the west does not apply all of its normal moral checks to what is happening. It is not normal for an organisation to fight from bedrooms and sitting rooms. Today’s destruction at Qana is lamentable and shows how poor intelligence can precipitate mistaken attacks, however Hizbollah used these people, these civilians, as weapons against Israel. The outcome is tragic but this must not detract from the need to remind the Islamic world that it cannot remove Israel from the middle-east thorugh a war of attrition. The British government has to recognise that Israel is doing no more than Britain is doing in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere it considers that extremisim is trying to dominate. Israel is defending its own right to exist, to be a democratic state and not to be overrun by Islamic fundamentalism. Europe is already on the way to being overrun and you, as an intelligent politician, should be aware of the situation which is developing across France and other Eurpoean countries and is a growing threat in Britain. Muslim fundamentailism will not respect your rights as a christian and Israel is defending your rights today and Churchill dod in 1939.

  2. Tudor Pole says:

    Dear Mr Campbell,
    I am a Lib-Dem (and Parish Councillor) and I am furious at the way Tony Blair is allowing George Bush to drag us into another war in the Middle East. Even his own cabinet is split asunder on this. Tony Blair’s political ideas on international matters are too dangerous to be left unchallenged by Lib- Dems in this country and I am writing to you now to ask you to organise a public demonstration in London to be led by Lib-Dems. If you feel you are unable to do this would please be so kind as to give me the name of a well known member of the party who may be interested.
    Best wishes,

    Yours Sincerly
    Tudor Pole

  3. Stuart Yates says:

    “Prfoundly disappointing” is a very mild phrase. The refusal to call for a cease fire is a betrayal of the Lebanese people and the collusion with the US over arms shipments whilst fighting continues makes the UK a participant in the war. The PM’s blind belief in his own view of events is extremely dangerous. The following poem by Yehuda Armichai is relevant:

    From the place were we are right
    flowers will never grow
    in the Spring.

    The place where we are right
    is hard and trampled
    like a yard.

    But doubts and loves
    dig up the world
    like a mole, a plough.
    And a whisper will be heard in the place
    where the ruined
    House once stood.

    Yehuda Amichai was a Jewish poet who died in 2004.

    His insight applies not only to Bush/Blair but also to Olmert, Nasrullah and others. A little humility, doubt and reflection would go a long way.

    Finally, I appreciate that there is something on your site about the Middle East. I could find nothing on the Conservative site.

    Carry on opposing Blair’s wrong headed policies.

    Stuart Yates

  4. Big Mac says:

    The Bush-Blair marriage looks set for divorce! Let’s face it Bush has the “seven year itch” and Blair looks set to take on the mantle of “Britain’s Worst Prime Minister EVER, Since Records Began”. Bush & Blair both set out to add “brownie points” to the own political campaigns and it looks like all they have managed to do in addition to the carnage and cllateral damage is set up a Civil War in Iraq and add further de-stabalization to the Middle East.

    Was the First Secretary of Scotland even aware, in advance, that Prestwick Airport (in Ayrshire) was being used as a conduit for arms & munitions just LAST weekend, as reported on Channel 4 News and other media in London? Indeed, were the local residents of Prestwick, Ayr, Troon and all the other surrounding locations in the immediate vicinity (of Prestwick Airport) made fully aware, in advance, of the potential devastion that could have ensued had there been any “mishap” with arms transport aircraft?

    No wonder Blair did NOT call for an “immediate ceasefire” in Lebannon/Israel as he could hardly have done so and at the same time permitted arms & munitions to pass though the UK on their way to the Middle East. Or perhaps that’s why he chose to route them through one of the lesser known airports in the UK? After all, there would have been public & media OUTRAGE had the arms been routed through either Heathrow or Gatwick!

    No doubt, Tony Blair thought that the residents of Prestick, Ayr & Troon etc were “expendible” in the event of any MISHAPs with the arms carrying aircraft. No doubt, he simply considered the area to be a sleepy tourist location with several golf courses therefore any such devastation and collateral damage would be “limited in real terms”. Clearly, that’s why he did NOT have the arms routed through Newcastle either, which would have been much “too close” to his home constituency!

    Questions are, once again, being raised about the demise of Dr David Kelly . . . What exactly are the implications here?

    The fact is . . . Tony Blair is “well past” his sell by date! He looks weary and has been “taken in” by his own spin doctors to the extent that he appears to be unable to recognize the truth any more and he certainly appears to unable to differentiate “wrong” from “right”.

    The people of Britain have had enough of “hot air Blair” and need someone to bring back “real standards” in the UK – Not just further mumbo-jumbo legislation that gives short-term PR but is never intended to work.

    Gordon Brown is NOT the answer! Just look at how uncomplicated his tax regime is – NOT! He over-complicates everything to the extent that his OWN government and department are still trying to figure out what the real implications of his Budget from 2 years ago actually is . . . And whether or not they have introduced ALL of the hidden tax mechanisms and clauses that were never transparent in the first place.

    Just look at what is happening with the cost of fuel! It is spirraling out of control. New Labour paid pensioners “a £200 fuel bill bribe” two years ago so that they could be re-elected for a third term. As soon as they were in, the £200 fuel bill assistance was abolished. Now consumer’s fuel bills are sky-rocketing out of controll by up to 47% (or more in some cases).

    How are pensioners supposed to cope under New Labour?

    The answer is that they simply can’t. They face the worst possible “breadline existance” imaginable, whilst racing rapidly towards Cardboard City! This is certainly not a dignified existence for Britain’s pensioners, many of whom fought in “legal” wars, so that future generations could enjoy their freedom. No doubt, Tony Blair will be giving this matter in-depth consideration whilst relaxing on his apparently “free” holiday in Barbados with his family? When was the last time that the majority of pensioners (who can’t even afford their fuel biils) enjoyed a hioliday of any sort – paid or otherwise?

    I put it to ALL readers of this blog that Ming Campbell is the man currently, in the “right place”, at the “right time”, to make a huge IMPACT on the resurrection of qualty standards in Britain. Drastic “change” is needed in the UK for the right reasons, not just for the sake of being seen to make change”, which has often been the case with the present New Labour government. Indeed, Ming Campbell is likely to be the “only viable candidate” who could make a “real start” to putting the “Great” back into BRITAIN.

    I put it to ALL readers of this blog that the man to take Britain forward simply has to be Ming Campbell . . . Please support his cause! And encourage others to do so as well. Thank you.

    Big Mac
    Westminster, London

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