Ceasefire delay costing lives

Commenting on the reports that an Israeli strike has killed 40 people in Southern Lebanon, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ming Campbell said:

This is a tragedy. While the diplomatic effort stalls, the dismantling of Lebanon continues.

We need a totally committed effort to achieve an immediate ceasefire on both sides. It is essential that Britain, the US and the United Nations engage with the Arab League to ensure that this is achieved. Delay costs lives.

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1 Response to Ceasefire delay costing lives

  1. George Beale says:

    Israel is destroying Lebanon and must pay.
    £800,000 for each person killed (based on Deutche Bank case) in Lebanon to United Nations for distribution. Offset by Israelis killed at same rate.
    $2billion for infrastructure damage plus interest at 17% bank credit card rate until infrastructure is repaired. This offset by damage in Israel.
    $1 billion a day until occupation of southern Lebanon ceases.
    Failure to pay these sums within 7 days will result in all bank transactions with Israel to cease. Alternatively our Trident fires a nuke into the sea 5 mailes out from Tel Aviv.

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