Virtual Conference to take power to the people

Today, Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell and Liberal Democrat Peer, Paul Tyler, will launch a “virtual conference” with cross party support aimed at re-engaging people with the political process. Hundreds of people, particularly students, have already registered for the on-line conference.

It should be of real concern to all of us that there are 17 million people in this country who, did not vote in the last general election.

With successive generations turning their back on conventional politics in ever greater numbers, our participatory democracy is beginning to lack participants.

This year, the POWER Commission, has reported on its mission to identify practical ways of reconnecting voters with the political process. Its work has been invaluable, and is all the more credible for the non-partisan ways of reconnecting voters with the political process.

I am therefore particularly pleased to launch Taking Power, which goes live today. From now until October 6th – while the party enthusiasts are gathering for their respective conferences – we will aim to gather people electronically to debate issues raised by the POWER report.

The opportunity to involve people outside the Westminster bubble and help to breathe new life into political debate in the UK is simply too big to pass up.

People who will take part in the debate over the coming weeks include:

  • Ming Campbell MP (Liberal Democrat Leader)
  • Michael Meacher MP (Former Labour Minister)
  • Billy Bragg (singer/songwriter, political campaigner)
  • Sir George Young MP (Former Conservative Secretary of State)
  • John Bercow MP (Conservative)

To access the debate go to

As well as being able to join in the online debate, the launch is to be ‘skypecast’ through internet phone provider Skype. To join the call, visit the special page for the planned skypecast.

You can read Ming Campbell’s speech at the launch of the Power Commission report here.

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