The Government has failed to protect the rights of British citizens (video)

Ming Campbell discusses his concerns with the unfair US/UK extradition treaty, as raised with (but not addressed by) the Prime Minister at Question Time on Wednesday.

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  1. Sarah McAuliffe-Bellin says:

    Dear Mr. Campbell:

    As an American, there are many here in the United States who also feel very strongly that this most recently ratified extradition Treaty between the US & UK is a bad deal all the way around. We have opposed this treaty for different reasons over here but primarily strongly feel that it undermines many constitutional rights that were guaranteed to US Citizens such as due process, judicial review, etc. To date, additionally, this treaty has not been used to “fight terrorism” as was deemed by the US Justice Dept. so urgently.

    We are aware that this negotiated treaty is not unique to the UK but we became aware of it because our groups are vigilant regarding Irish issues.

    While we were hoping that the amendments last week would go through to open up an opportunity to amend the treaty on this side, it will not be the case. however, there are many people here who would be willing to join forces with those in Britain opposing the Treaty to see if it can be challenged yet again.

    If you or your good offices would be able to contact me or supply the names of some groups who are engaged in the fight on the Extradition Treaty, i would be most happy and pleased to talk with them –
    Sarah McAuliffe-Bellin,
    Irish American Unity Conference
    & Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
    tele: 412-782-2715 (home) 412-235-5447 (office)

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