Government billion-pound anti-truancy strategy is misdirected

Ming Campbell backs anti-bullying campaign

A new survey released by the charity beatbullying at the start of Anti-bullying Week shows a clear link between bullying and truancy, with over a third of children who are absent from school missing lessons because of the fear of bullying.

After meeting with secondary school pupils and commenting on the findings, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ming Campbell said:

This survey reveals that the Government’s one billion pound anti-truancy strategy has been misdirected. The clear link established between bullying and truancy shows that the vast number of young people missing school are not feckless but fearful.

Failing to create safe surroundings for children at school leads to lower educational attainment, higher unemployment and higher levels of anti-social behaviour.

The Government must ensure its anti-truancy strategy recognises this link and that teachers are given training so that they have the skills and confidence to root out and tackle all forms of bullying.

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  1. Mark says:


    Anti truancy system very effective in Australia, U.S and soon to be in India.

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