Lib Dems are the alternative to Blair’s crime-ridden Britain

At the Liberal Democrat “We Can Cut Crime” rally, Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell highlighted that over 51 million crimes have been reported in this country since Labour came to power.

Ming Campbell said:

Tony Blair’s legacy on law and order is one of tough talk, and spectacular failure.

Effective criminal justice should deter crime and reform the criminal. But the reality is that Labour has failed on both counts.

Shockingly, we live in a country where less than one in every hundred crimes committed leads to a court conviction. Just one in every hundred.

And just as bad, we live in a country where eight out of ten teenage boys reoffend within two years of release.

Ming Campbell went on to say:

The Government pursues headlines with more vigour than it pursues criminals. Three thousand new criminal offences, and twenty three criminal justice acts have sought to reassure the public and to discourage the criminal.

But no criminal has ever been stopped by a headline. And our crime rates show it.

Explaining the Liberal Democrat approach to crime Ming Campbell said:

A liberal approach to crime is an honest approach to crime. It is based on what works rather than just what sounds good. It targets the offender rather than the innocent. And it has the courage to engage with the criminal and try to reform behaviour.

The Liberal Democrats can cut crime.

Menzies Campbell concluded by pointing to the successes that Liberal Democrats have had in cutting crime locally he said:

“This rally is about all of you who have campaigned throughout Britain to ensure that there are real solutions to crime delivered locally.

“It is a tribute to those of you who have campaigned to remove the blight of crime from peoples’ lives.”

During the rally, the party launched a new website to chronicle the problems of the Home Office:

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