Cut UK’s nuclear weapons by half

Following the vote on the future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference, the party has voted to cut Britain’s nuclear arsenal by half and kick-start disarmament talks.

Responding to this decision Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell said:

I am proud to lead a party that is capable of having such a mature, responsible yet passionate debate.

I am pleased that the Liberal Democrats have taken this progressive move to cut our nuclear arsenal by half and kick-start disarmament talks.

The international situation with regards to proliferation is fluid and dangerous. While Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, Britain should maintain a minimum deterrent.

Tony Blair’s premature decision to replace Trident is more about his legacy than the national interest. The Liberal Democrats will not support this move in Parliament.

I shall lead all Liberal Democrat MPs into the No Lobby on the 14th March in the House of Commons to oppose the Government.

The policy passed by our conference today is progressive, responsible and rational.

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