Come and question Ming Campbell at a screening of An Inconvenient Truth followed by a Q+A session

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  1. Brian Cloke says:

    An inconvenient truth is that this is still flashing away on the website on 21/3/07 – two days after the event. We need to keep our public offerings bang up-to-dte if we are to win the trust and support of the elctorate.

  2. markpack says:

    As this site is a blog, it’s normal to leave old blog postings up (like this one) – just as you wouldn’t (normally!) destroy the old pages of a diary.

  3. Imelda d'Almeida says:

    Thanks for the comment. It is undeniable that Labour has favoured the rich during their 10 years in power. I work for a big corporate as a contractor for 9 years and is being made redundant with no redundancy money. We are a group of people no one talk about. We have no Union to defend our case. I have been trying to find another job within the corporating through the agency which employ me but all the job they have are lower than my current salary. They do nothing to help. They work to sustain the corporation. I believe it is a real problem that needs to be tackle before it become to let. Corporations have the free ride to satisfy their greed at the expense of vulnerable people. Please help before it is too late.

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