Blair rushing into Trident decision

Trident missileSpeaking at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions Menzies Campbell called Tony Blair’s decision to renew the Trident nuclear weapon system “hasty”. The Liberal Democrats would cut Britain’s nuclear arsenal by half and kick-start disarmament talks.

Menzies Campbell asked:

Does the Prime Minister accept that the most immediate nuclear threat is from other countries acquiring nuclear weapons? What then is going to be the role played by his government at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Review Conference in 2010?

Menzies Campbell went on to say:

We surely accept that a hasty decision to replace Trident is bound to undermine our ability to have influence at the conference in 2010 and shouldn’t we not now be offering to reduce the number of warheads on Trident in order to give a lead to others?

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2 Responses to Blair rushing into Trident decision

  1. Peter says:

    Personally I enjoyed the comment about the previious occasion Blair got something through with tory support.

  2. Mike says:

    ‘Hasty’ is a bit limp, Ming. We need some serious hits on Blair (not difficult). Sky News gives him a harder time than some of your recent efforts. It’s time for gloves off. The man is a sleazebag. His recent interview on Sky, which I don’t watch( I read a transcript), shows a complete charaltan who ducks and weaves and hides behind obfuscation and Bushisms. Hit him hard. How is he still standing, for Christ’s sake?

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