Remove troops by end of October

Blair and BushCommenting on a survey showing that only 18% of Iraqis have confidence in US and coalition troops, Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell said:

“This survey shows how military action against Iraq has practically brought the country and people to its knees.

“It is clear that coalition troops are exacerbating the security situation and increasingly being seen as legitimate targets for political motivated attacks.

“Our involvement in Iraq has cost us over £5 billion.

“President Bush made the decisions, the Prime Minister argued the case, the Chancellor signed the cheques and the Tories voted it through.

“It is now time to plan for an orderly withdrawal that should begin on 1st May and no British troops should remain after the end of October.”

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7 Responses to Remove troops by end of October

  1. Michael Theodorou says:

    Totally agree. If Ming were Prime Minister instead of frauds like Blair and Bush, more than half the problems of the world would disappear over night. But then, that would be a near perfect world, wouldn’t it?

  2. Mike says:

    Not before time, Ming. It’s still worrying to see that 30% of Americans are proud of what their government doing in Iraq. Although a shrinking minority they are still a significant lunatic fringe and sufficient to sustain Dubya’s (and consequently Yo Blair’s) delusions. You are doing the right thing but a hard sell is needed. Gloves off!!

  3. Steve in London says:

    No wonder Iraq is drenched in blood with uniformed psychos like this operating with impunity. We are supporting this:

  4. George N says:

    One million displaced and desperate in Iraq:

  5. George N says:

    48% of Germans think America is more dangerous than Iran:,1518,474636,00.html

  6. Tony in London says:

    One million displaced Iraqis is a gross underestimation. See the link for the full picture. The carnage in Iraq when measured by the fatalities is not the full picture. This should include the missing and the displaced as well. The only reason our ‘government’ latches onto the figures published by Iraq Body Count is because they know these figures, which require two independent sources of evidence (virtually impossible in Iraq), vastly underestimate the reality. :-

  7. Mike says:

    This is grim but necessary reading. It further gives the lie to Iraq Body Count and other agencies who are, willingly or not, underestimating the carnage in Iraq. These figures are just those which have come to the attention of the Karbala authorities.

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