Gurkhas: Government must deliver fair pensions

GurkhasMeeting a delegation of Gurkha veterans, Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell said that successive governments should be ashamed of failing to look after these veterans and causing them to live in poverty. He called for an immediate review to deliver fairer pensions to the many Gurkha veterans on low pensions or no pension at all.

The facts:

  • 22,000 veterans, who retired prior to 1997, receive inadequate pensions and have no right to settle in the UK
  • Most Gurkha veterans from World War II receive no pension at all
  • A rifleman who retired prior to 1997, paid in rupees, receives £1,185 per year

Menzies Campbell said:

“The Gurkhas have a unique place in the history and the affections of the British people.

“These soldiers have served our country well, and we have a moral obligation to give them a fair pension and British citizenship.

“It is shameful that there are 22,000 veterans, who retired before 1997, and who receive extremely low pensions or no pension at all. The Ministry of Defence must review and rectify this situation immediately and all Gurkhas must receive a fair pension.”

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2 Responses to Gurkhas: Government must deliver fair pensions

  1. Gurkhas says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are extremely happy, proud of you and with your party Liberal Democat for extending your helping hand whole heartedly. And, we are also happy that we are being able to see a light at the end of tunnel at last. We wish with your kind support we will get the peace of mind one day and the true will preveil.

    But the reality is tottaly different on the ground here then what you have been seeing through in UK at the moment.

    In fact, the intention of young Gurkhas (mostly who retired after 1970) are to settle in the UK and the old Gurkhas (those who retired between 1947 to 1970) are living in hope of some benifit (pension) in their dying days.

    But the sadest thing is, GAESO and UBGEAN are ripping a huge amount of money (1500pounds in average) with these humble ex-Gurkhas and widows who are hanging in their hopes. If there are 22000 ex-Gurkhas veterans then how much much money GAESO and UBGEAN have ripped off?. Their main slogan is “FIGHT AGAINST ANGREJ”. Media, Lawers, Politicians, Government officials and Athorities can be bought here. We sometimes feel very shameful saying our self a Gurkha in our own country because of these people. Do they have the guts to use the same slogan in UK?

    Those who are ment to be leaders of Gurkhas, Padam Gurung (GAESO), Gyanraj Rai UBGEAN), Maj Dipak Gurung (NESO), Deepak Maske (UBGEAN) have their ILR already. They offen travel UK and Nepal, we don’t know for what reason. GAESO have hired Siwakoti Chintan (one of the most crooked person in Nepal). If they are true Gurkhas then how come they first full fill their stomach and then give falls promises to their fellow Gurkhas who are begging for a peach of bread.

    We don’t see any point yet blaming BGWS cause they fall under the British Government policy. Instead, they even tried to support their pre 1997 fellows but Padam Gurung + Siwakoti Chintan, Gyanraj Rai and Dipak Maske went against them. They even tried their power (media, politicians, government authorities, gangsters, muscle power you name it) to desolve BGWS.

    Me being a Gurkha I can not look into the eyes of these crooked people. They are just trying to ruin our 200years+ living history. Please be advised to be carefull when you are dealing with these people.

    Jai Gurkha! and long live the Liberal Democrate!

    You may mail us at above address, no problem, but we do not wish to disclose our identity right now.

  2. Bill Jenkins (73 yrs) says:


    I read with interest your comments on the treatment of our gallany Gurkhas. I myself have just been treated to similar apathy with regards to my military service. Fifty years after my service I was diagnoised with skin cancerand liver infection. I was given a paltry lump sum and told if I claimed further for my mental condition I would get a weekly pension but would lose ‘civil’ benefits and been worst off. I settled for the lump sum and to add insult to injury (again 50 years later) ‘they’ send me a medal for my setrvice in The Suez War. But that’s another story ……………………. Back to The Gurkhas.

    In 2003 I took my pipes to IRAQ to play in tribute to the thousands who fell there in past conflicts. At the Basra Cremation Memorial I saw the name of a wee 16 year old Gurkha rifleman, RIT BAHADUR RAI. I made a promise that one day I would play my pipes in tribute at his tiny village (GARIGAON) in Nepal. I thought it would be anice gesture if I could obtain any medals he may have earned and take them with me to The Gurkha Museum in Nepal. The British Ministry Of Defence passed the can and once again I was met with apathy.

    On the 11th November 2007 I will be playing my piper’s tribute in Nepal. I doubt whether I will ever obtain the wee lads medals but at least I will be able to say with honesty that I WILL REMBER HIM.
    Bill Jenkins

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