Campbell most trustworthy leader – poll

A new poll for the BBC’s Newsnight programme shows voters rate Ming Campbell the most trustworthy of the three party leaders set to contest the next general election.

More than two-fifths of those questioned rated Ming as trustworthy, compared to 38% for the Conservative leader David Cameron. Gordon Brown, the likely new leader of the Labour party, was considered trustworthy by less than a third of those asked.

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3 Responses to Campbell most trustworthy leader – poll

  1. Joseph says:

    I think this poll will be an essential boost for Ming’s leadership. I’m disappointed that BBC’s Newsnight didn’t make more a deal of it- they focussed on the ‘duel’ between the other two leaders instead, which looks like an increasingly common theme.

    But well done Ming! Being trustworthy is an underrated quality. Keep up the good work!

  2. Letterman says:

    I’m not saying Ming isn’t trustworthy but he hasn’t really done a great deal to demonstrate his trustworthyness, where did this figure come from? What examples did people give? I would trust him to… hold my wallet? watch my drink? lead Britain to a brighter tomorrow? …or… keep his head down and his mouth shut?!

  3. Adam Croft says:

    Letterman – I’m guessing it’s in the same manner you’d trust your doddery old grandad 🙂

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