President’s comments show more than a hint of despair

Responding to George Bush’s comparison of the Iraq War with Vietnam, Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell said:

“The President’s efforts to derive support for America’s position in Iraq from its experience in Vietnam show more than a hint of despair.

“Likewise his references to Japan are equally inept. His analysis fails to acknowledge that, in defeating Japan, the allies were acting wholly in accordance with international law and responding to Japanese aggression.

“Things must be getting pretty desperate when an American President feels it necessary to rely on the bruising and never to be repeated experience in Vietnam.”

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1 Response to President’s comments show more than a hint of despair

  1. Vic Bethell says:

    Absolutely on the button! How quaint that the curent leader of the American nation should compare his current illegal incursion to his country’s previous devastating failure!
    Please keep attacking the Government on this point. How many more families are going to have suffer bereavement because of the self-seeking policies of Tony Blair that his successor has not the courage to put a halt to?

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