US should stop trying to dictate British policy

Responding to comments made by George Bush’s adviser Frederick Kagan about the British strategy in Iraq, Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell said:

“It is high time anyone in the US stopped trying to tell the British how to run our own defence policy.

“That policy is made in Britain and should be based on our moral responsibility towards the young men and women of our armed forces to prevent further needless casualties.

“No one can accuse us of cutting and running after four and a half years of mounting casualties.

“If the US had made proper provision for post-conflict Iraq, many of the current problems would never have arisen.”

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5 Responses to US should stop trying to dictate British policy

  1. Melian says:

    Hear, hear!

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  5. Jeanne Dawson says:

    Dear Sri Menzies

    Just a short note to tell you how sad I am that you are resigning. I have always considered you to be a very honest and principled politician with clear and balanced views about both domestic and international affairs, and I only wish that they had been given wider currency by some of our national press. I have respected both your incisive approach to problems and your gravitas and am indeed sorry to see you go.

    I wish you every happiness for your future and do hope that your influence will not be lost on either yourr successor or the rest of your party.

    This letter needs no reply.

    Yours sisncerely
    (Mrs.) Jeanne Dawson

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