Prime Minister’s Iraq letter could have been written by predecessor

Commenting in response to correspondence received from Gordon Brown on Iraq and Afghanistan in reply to a letter from himself, Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell said:

“The Prime Minister’s letter simply rehearses the Government line and could have been written by his predecessor. But the reality on the ground and the views of senior military figures undermine Mr Brown’s analysis.

“The debate on this issue will not go away, particularly as the American presidential elections will put Iraq at the centre of American politics.

“It should now be put to the top of Britain’s agenda.”

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3 Responses to Prime Minister’s Iraq letter could have been written by predecessor

  1. littlejohnuk says:

    Think that Johann Hari’s article in Independent on 27/8 said it all – a reformed coalitionist.

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  3. Vic Bethell says:

    My father served in Afghanistan as it now is during the First World War. The problems our troops face now are no different than the British Army faced then. Time we pulled out and let the (subsidised) Afghan government sort its’ own problems out. My father was invalided out of the Army in 1915 and never fully recovered. In those days there was no counselling and precious little help in any shape or form.

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