Ming’s conference video – Saturday

During this week’s Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton, party leader Ming Campbell will be doing regular webcasts. In today’s, he looks ahead to the conference, which is themed around the environment.

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3 Responses to Ming’s conference video – Saturday

  1. Sue Proctor says:

    Inspiring. I couldn’t manage conference this year due to a local by-election and council business but watching it on my computer was almost as good as being there.
    The speech reminded us all of the values that led us to be Liberal Democrats. Freedom, Fairness and caring for the Future of our planet. Ming has ‘buried’ the critics with his powerful delivery and strong message and reminded us why Liberal values are what this country needs.

  2. Peter Smith says:

    Hello Sue Proctor,

    I do agree with you about the speech, but I’m afraid it’s not what I think is the biggest issue with the people of the UK and I know most people would agree with me. Law & Order is the big talking point amongst people these days. THere needs to be a system wereby the victim is treated fairly, there needs to be an effective police force which there certainly is not.
    I think Menzies Campbell is doing the same with climate sissues as the tories did with Europe, that is burying his head in the topic and not seeing the fuller picture. The tories tried to win an election on doing down Europe and the Euro and they failed, this could happen to the Lib Dems if concerns at the heart of peoles worries aren’t dealt with-and urgently.
    Peter Smith.

  3. What is the American equivalent of Liberal Democrats? I am curious as MP Campbell’s speech was shown on the American cable channel C-Span.

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