Ming meets leading Lib Dem bloggers

This morning, Ming Campbell met with leading Liberal Democrat bloggers in Brighton, giving them the chance to question him on a variety of issues.

The five bloggers are all shortlisted for the party’s Blog of the Year Award, which will be awarded at a ceremony this evening.

Ming answered questions on a wide range of topics, including Europe, the party’s key messages for general election and his first eighteen months as leader.

Ming meeting with the bloggers
Clockwise from left: Alex Wilcock, Jonathan Calder, Ming, Mark Webster who chaired the session, James Graham, Richard Flowers and Paul Walter.

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  1. Adrian Nash says:

    Interesting about VED but why not scrap VED? Just bung a couple of pence on fuel duty and cut the expense of collecting and enforcing VED. If a person owns a twenty litre gas guzzling monster car but only does two hundred miles a year in it, why should he be penalised? A youth with a heavy right foot in a hot hatch can do tens of thousands of miles a year and pay less VED for more pollution, this hardly seems fair does it? VED is just a jealousy tax these days, bearing little relationship to “green” behaviour. The fuel causes the polution, so it is glaringly obvious that that is where the tax should be placed and all the other rubbish swept away in the name of state economy! It’s hardly “rocket science” is it?

    Adrian Nash

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