Watch film: Environment Action Now

In the Liberal Democrats’ new film to mark their conference in Brighton, party leader Ming Campbell talks about the urgent need to take action on climate change.

It is our duty to future generations to act and to act now.

Only the Liberal Democrats have the vision, and the will, and the courage to make sure that the planet remains safe for our children and our children’s children.

If you support a move from income tax to green taxes, from people to pollution, please sign the petition now at

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3 Responses to Watch film: Environment Action Now

  1. Adrian Plumpton says:

    I jsut want to say how i couldnt even begin to listen the the actual message within party broadcast because i jsut spent the whole time cringeing at the effects, Honestly, That spinning globe in some hands was terrible! Television such a powerfull media, The Lib Dems can surely afford some better designers.

  2. Lib Dem member says:

    I liked the film, including the globe. Not everything in this world has to be very expensive Hollywood style special effects.

  3. David Thomson says:

    If extra taxes are raised from the polluters then, I would hope that the extra money raised would be spent on finding new ways to produce energy and also as investment into producing what pollutes in a less polluting way and not just revenue for the Chancellors purse. In a Country where we produce 2% of the worlds carbon emissions, will taxes on pollution make any difference when many other Countries are not following our lead. Also beware that the polluters are the manufactureres and service industries that fill the public need and extra taxes means extra prices to the end user. Some industries like my own are held down with financial restraints and cannot pass on extra costs because of the power our Insurance Company partners impose.
    As a member of the general public, I do not trust politicians, and Menzies seems to be the best of the bunch, the other leaders have their own hidden agenda’s. The smiling face of Gordon Brown hides what lies beneath and as a business man I have been hit heavily with extra taxes, rules and regulations with little improvement in the lives of the people of the Uk . We need an honest face in politics and to date I have not seen one. I will vote Liberal in the hope that Menzies may be the first.

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