Watch Ming Campbell interviewed by the BBC

Yesterday Liberal Democrat leader Ming Campbell was interviewed about his views on a wide range of issues, including immigration, why the Liberal Democrats exist, taxation, leading the party and the next general election.

You can watch the interview on the BBC’s website.

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1 Response to Watch Ming Campbell interviewed by the BBC

  1. Smarten this PR up. Give us some highlights in bullet points, give those of us not at conference something to come to this site for, eh?

    We had a branch meeting in the pub last night, and there was no talk of leadership. For any idle trolling hacks, we were approached by a young Conservative activist effing and blinding about Cameron (maybe it was psyops, but he was very in vino and there was lots of angry foulmouthed veritas), and we were planning how to further squeeze the Labour vote which has collapsed (aloong with the local party) so far that we’re thinking of putting Labour members on the CITES list. Oh, and the disgraceful media attempts to make Ming’s leadership a story came in for a bit of slagging, too. Your trade has lost a good deal of respect this week.

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