Shallow posturing on Iraq must not obscure real issue of withdrawal

Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell has called on Labour and the Conservatives to focus on the real issue facing our troops in Iraq, the timing of their withdrawal, not the timing of political announcements.

He said:

“It’s time both the Labour and Conservative parties stopped playing cynical political games over Iraq and took responsibility for their disastrous military action there.

“It certainly hasn’t taken long for a Prime Minister billed as a statesman to show himself as just another short term political tactician once a general election is in the offing.

“We mustn’t allow shallow posturing to obscure the real issue: what possible purpose is served by British troops remaining in Iraq?

“If their continued presence is merely to provide political cover for the United States then the Government must come clean.”

Sign Ming’s petition to pull British troops out of Iraq here.

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1 Response to Shallow posturing on Iraq must not obscure real issue of withdrawal

  1. Mike says:

    The twisting of the language in the propaganda build up to attacking Iran is reaching new lows. The standards were set at low by the US and Blairite UK media talking about ‘battles’ in Iraq and Afghanistan when they meant massacres. It hasn’t changed. Here is a perfect example from this morning. Women and children dead as usual, but how can CNN describe this air attack massacre as a ‘battle’?

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