Gordon Brown has failed to deliver real change for Britain

Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell launched an attack on Gordon Brown for failing to deliver real change for Britain in his first 100 days as Prime Minister.

He said:

“Mr Brown has been working hard to convince the British public that there has been real change in Number 10.

“Yet he cannot escape the fact that as Chancellor he had unparalleled influence over government. He failed to raise green taxes to tackle climate change, supported and signed the cheques for the Iraq war and personally led a smash and grab raid on private pensions.

“As Prime Minister Gordon Brown may talk about change, but he has failed to deliver the real change that Britain needs.

“He has failed to end Labour’s assault on civil liberties, failed to grasp the nettle of climate change, failed to open the poverty trap, failed to give power back to people and failed to restore Britain’s international reputation.

“This country needs a new direction and Gordon Brown can’t deliver it.”

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