ID Cards

North East Fife Parliamentarians Sir Menzies Campbell MP and Iain Smith MSP have repeated their calls for the Government to scrap its plans for a controversial ID card scheme after the revelations that in 2007, 37 million pieces of personal information was lost.

The law bringing in ID cards has already been passed by the Labour Government and soon most citizens will have to pay for an identity card.

“The expensive identity cards scheme is based on the government storing large amounts of information about each one of us on a central database,” said Sir Menzies and Mr Smith

“But in 2007 the Government stumbled from one data loss crisis to another. The worst example came in November when the Government lost the personal details of all 25 million families with children. That has put the privacy of every family in North East Fife at risk.

“The dangers of putting so much information about every citizen in the UK into one central database are clear to everyone except, it seems, the Government. Ministers are in denial when they argue that the information will be safe and people’s privacy will not be undermined.

“Liberal Democrats are leading the battle to end the ID cards scheme. The plan to make everyone carry a piece of plastic should be buried before it ends up as another expensive government fiasco.

“The scheme will be a bureaucratic nightmare. It won’t prevent illegal working. It won’t help stop crime or terrorism. If the government really wants to make an impact on crime, terrorism and illegal immigration, the money it has earmarked for this scheme would be far better spent on more police and intelligence officers. That is what the Liberal Democrats would do,” concluded Sir Menzies and Mr Smith.


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  1. Stuart McLoughlin says:

    I would rather go to prison than have to be forced to carry an ID card. I already have a passport, driving license etc. This is just another example of the government changing the way of life for everyone to suit their needs i.e. treasury coffers. How does the government propose to force people to buy an ID card? what protection is in place to make my personal details safe as we all know the present bunch of idiots have a bad habit of loosing our details. It is not that long ago that if you had mentioned that every UK citizen would be forced to carry an ID card, be arrested without charge, locked up without charge, imprisoned for up to a month without charge, you would have been accused of being a Nazi! All this legislation does is to play into the hands of terrorists. They have already won in the fact that we are being forced to change our way of life. Gordon Brown and company should be ashamed of themeselves. War we dont want, needless killing of our soldiers and the list goes on an on. Stop it now and vote with your head next time round. Get rid of new Labour and for Gods sake vote anyone else EXCEPT labour! They will go down in history as the only government who has broken EVERY one of its promises made before and after the 1997 election. Shame on them!!

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