North East Fife’s MP Sir Menzies Campbell and MSP Iain Smith have urged the Chief Executive of the National Trust for Scotland to ensure that the Hill of Tarvit Mansion House near Cupar remains open permanently.

In a letter to Kate Mavor, Chief Executive of the NTS, Sir Menzies and Mr Smith highlighted the importance of the property to the cultural heritage of Scotland and North East Fife and its positive contribution to the local tourist industry.

Following a hard fought campaign last year by Sir Menzies, Iain Smith, members of the public and the East Fife Members’ Centre of the NTS, Kellie Castle was saved from closure and the Hill of Tarvit was given a temporary stay of execution.

The NTS are due to make a final decision about the Mansion House’s future.

In their letter Sir Menzies and Mr Smith said:

“As you know, Hill of Tarvit is an important part of North East Fife’s and indeed Scotland’s cultural heritage and makes a positive contribution to the local tourist industry. There is an opportunity, through further diversification and promotion, to heighten its appeal and thus increase revenue.

“Furthermore, the fact that it costs a similar amount of money to maintain the house while closed as it does when open to the public must give serious weight to the case for its permanent reinstatement.

“We both wish Hill of Tarvit to be re-opened and it is clear from local public opinion that residents in North East Fife and the East Fife Members’ Centre of the NTS are also firmly of this view.”

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